Road Noise  Short Stories To Thrill and Chill

Seventeen Stories

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Seventeen Stories To Choose

Each story is a flash of contemporary fiction, horror, mystery, science fiction, thriller/suspense, or magical realism that spin together road rage, bad drivers, strange roadside sights, carjackings, future societies, misunderstandings, murder, soccer moms, and freeway anxiety.

Why Write These Stories?

My most creative moments are on the road commuting between cities.  Stories and novels that I “write” while driving may not survive the drive, because I don’t have a voice recorder.  Unlike an increasing number of my fellow drivers, I don’t text while driving.   These seventeen stories survived, some changed.

Each story originated from a particle of truth which I coated with pearly layers of fiction.  Many of them formed in my mind over a few weeks in Spring 2011 as I drove along Highway 101 and 280.  

The first pearl of a story appeared when I wondered about the yellow blobs of color that popped out of nowhere on the Northern California green hills. At a distance, those beautiful blobs reminded me of the ephemeral slime mold at the foot of my apricot tree. The hillside blobs are a panoply of colorful wildflowers.  Beautiful, but mundane compared with slime molds.

My next story pearl formed at the Junction between 101 and 280 while I drove to San Francisco for the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the De Young Museum.  On Highway 280, I glanced over at a tattered yellow car and its occupant.  The sun’s light had set it aglow and the kid inside appeared as a young tough from the 1980’s which was eerie, because it was 2011.

Driving further north that day, I reminisced about the crazy stuff I have experienced or seen on freeways.  Sparks of more stories formed and are now available in Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill.

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