Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill


In the middle of the night after driving for hours, you anticipate arriving soon at your destination, but then something unexpected happens.  You take a wrong turn, fog rolls in, and you are alone on the road.  Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill elicits the myriad emotions you experience as you careen, swerve, speed or glide along the road of life.

Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill   Seventeen stories about people driving beyond their comfort zone into speculative territory where the expected rules of the road and life no longer apply. Each story is a flash of contemporary fiction, horror, mystery, science fiction, thriller, suspense, or magical realism that spin together road rage, bad drivers, carjackings, future societies, misunderstandings, murder, soccer moms, and freeway anxiety.

Chances are that you have encountered or will encounter strangeness on the road.  Some out-of-the-ordinary situations affirm life and others create havoc to challenge your fears and expectations.

Reading Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill will transport you to outrageous destinations, but only in your mind.  Maybe.

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Road Noise book cover man and woman in car. Man ordering woman to shut up.


Belinda A. Allen

Belinda A. Allen enjoys writing stories and novels which begin in our day to day world and end in places or situations far beyond the ordinary.  Road Noise Short Stories To Thrill And Chill is Ms. Allen’s first collection of short stories.  She is currently writing a novel and another collection of stories which will be released this year.

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Photo of the author Belinda A. Allen.